This site presents the search for an approach to language learning in the spirit of the great romantic poets and Russian Cosmists.

The work of an EFL teacher is connected with enormous historical processes – globalization, the spread of ICT and what Francisco Berardi calls “semiocapitalism”. All of this means that the language we teach is de-territorialised rather than a foreign one. In my opinion, it has the potential to be a tool for creating the common space where different worldviews can meet. English teachers should present their material as clearly as possible – as a symbolic infrastructure which can carry any meaning chosen by the speaker. But at the same time there is a danger that meaning itself is lost when speakers stop being aware of themselves and the real places and historical moments they are in. Then, instead of communication, we just get an empty exchange of signs.

This website began quite a long time ago — in 2007 when I won a small prize from the Open University. At the time I was studying “there” for a masters in the Institute of Educational Technology while teaching in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After finishing my studies I realised that the models of distance learning being developed were not suitable for the kind of teaching I had in mind. I think it’s important for language to enable us to leave behind our immediate contexts and imagine new possibilities. For this reason we cannot teach properly in conditions that are shot through with ideologies and prejudices. Somehow instead the teacher should enable inspiration and self-expression.