Other materials on this site are the remains of various different older projects:

0. (2006) A course for university teachers on using multimedia resources.

1. (2008) Notes on research in educational technology

(in Tiddlywiki format) all connected with the course H809 in the Open University (UK)

2. (2008) A distance presentation for Moodle Moot Scandinavia:

This discusses applying the lexical approach to creating courses for students in non-linguistic faculties of the university, and the first attempts to develop distance learning via the internet in Saint Petersburg State University.

3. (2008) A timeline of educational technologies and their development based on my personal experience 1982 — 2008

Unfortunately this resource does not display well in Firefox – it was made using compendium

4. (2010) An illustration of my personal learning network in the format of a mind map — this is from the course H800 (Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates), in the Open University.

5. (2010) Using Compendium to collect information on disabled students in the university for the course H810 (Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students)

6. (2014) An archive of materials from a site on English for Lawyers . The idea of the site was to use a mediawiki installation with the social profile extension.

I wanted to create a small “community” of users of legal English as a foreign language. The results of the experiment (2010 — 2012) showed that such projects require a great effort to attract the appropriate audience. As a souvenir I have kept the articles, transferring them into tiddlywiki format.

7. (2016) Materials from the conference “More than ESP” – on using corpus linguistics methods to create ESP materials.

8 .(2016) Materials from the conference “More than ESP” – how the linguistic centre of ИМБиП is developing its approach