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Since I started this website in 2007 the materials have been in a state of constant change. Some have survived either in the form of posts in the Blog area (migrated wordpress content). Or in this separate contents area: Old contents and early experiments

I'm hoping to systematise everything into this Feel Do Think wiki, where some structure comes from these seven "portals"...

Everyday life in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The fourth city in Europe by population.

from Prince Odoyevsky to the cosmists

With special attention to Odoyevsky's literary works.

Artists, creativity and the imagination

How it feels to live in urban-industrial capitalism.

large scale historical trends

Making sense of increasing complexity.

digital literacy and distance education

language in the info-sphere and attempts to save conversation.

Cooperatives and communities

see Cooperatives and communities

Non-linearity in words and thought


If you would like to have a linear view of what's happened on the site - try Recent Changes